martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

changed my hair colour

I wanted a change for a long time until i finally decided to go ginger and I'm really loving it =)
what do you think about it???

Queria un cambio hace algun tiempo hasta que finalmente lo decidi! me pinte el pelo anaranjado y me encanta =)
que piensan de esto???

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

look of the day: the All Black look

If you ask me, I believe black is my favourite colour in clothing. It always looks elegant and you can hardly go wrong with it, yeah I know you must be thinking what a lazy girl or what a boring colour. In fact when I go for the All Black Look, I try to mix textures and fabrics as much as I can, and always trying to give a small touch of colour (in this case no. 10 mac red lipstick) and try a new hair do, this time I tryed a bun and a braid and I'm loving my hair do so much! :) I really love the black look so much.

Si me preguntan, creo que el negro es mi color favorito en ropa. Siempre se ve elegante y es muy facil de lograr, si yo se han de pensar que vaga o que color tan aburrido. Pero de hecho cuando voy por el look de todo negro, siempre intento mezclar texturas y telas lo mas que puedo, y siempre intentando darle un pequenio toque de color (en este caso seria el lapiz de labio No.10  de mac) y tambien probar un peinado nuevo, en esta ocasion tengo una rosca muy alta y una trenza, me fascina mi peinado! :) La verdad es que amo el look todo negro. 

lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Does this look familiar???

This are two dresses from YSL's 1995 spring summer collection... does it ring any bells to you???
let's say miu miu spring summer 2010?!?! 

we can see here who had the idea first right... let's say 15 years earlier...
although miu miu has done a great job, I really love this collection... 
this is just another proof that theres nothing that hasnt been done before in the world of fashion.

90's Files... YSL haute couture/pret-a-porter spring-summer 1995

This magnifique find of mine, going thru some really old magazines and guess what? everything is still amazing and wearable right now! of course it is so true that the 90s vibe are totally back... I am doing an Ode to Yves Saint Laurent because he was so amazing and his art just needs to be remembered forever!
very suit oriented like this wonderful tuxedo dresses and the jackets and the colours i'm completely in love with this compilation from spring-summer 1995 
long live YSL! 

A tribute to YSL and "le smoking" for women.

I've always wanted to wear a tuxedo... a ver feminine one ok.
I really love to be a woman because we can wear everything and still look good.. can't say the same for guys in mini skirts or bustiers ahahah 
I have always admired so much Yves Saint Laurent for his elegance and taste and the power he always gave women with his designs and clothing in general.
The first time I wore this tux was at my friend Mariuxi's wedding and it was a shock to many people, At the moment I live in Ecuador and before me, no other woman had ever worn a tuxedo in my city and I think in the whole country, so it was a bit of a shock. 
I mostly had awesome comments about it specially because it was so well tailored and I could pull it off perfectly, I was shinning on it!  
thank you YSL! :)

Photos: Ricky Cohete.

martes, 3 de agosto de 2010


Everything was so magical and natural, I got really inspired in this place it's truly magical, on this last pic I introduce myself into a tortoise's shell (the tortoise died by natural causes and was over 150 years old!) 
not much words needed... isn't this great?!?!?! :))))